Sometimes fate, sometimes fortune.

Small tales and tittle-tattle as told by Ian Hicken.

Story teller, photographer, musician…

ian2 (1)

Living between Asturias and United Kingdom

7 responses to “About

  1. Hello Ian, thanks for stopping in. I’ll see you around.

  2. Ian, your writing is captivating. You liked one of my posts, so I was curious to see something about you. You had me with your arachnid Jesus. (I think it was closest to Graham Chapman, RIP.)

  3. Thanks for your stories. At last I have time to catch up with them. Mary

  4. Hi, Somebody suggested your page as I’m about to start on the road to buying a small place in Asturias and we’re not far from the Yorkshire border ourselves! Looking forward to reading your blog and hopefully pick up a few hints and tips 😉

  5. Hello Ian,
    I used to follow your blog ‘tales from Toriello’. Today feeling very happy and content a thought entered my head, ‘ I wonder how Ian and Luis are getting on?’ Why? So I thought search and check. I have and see that you both are ‘getting on’. I like where Luis’ work is taking him and that you are still composing.

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