Every drawer, cupboard, wardrobe, cabinet, box, chest and closet stuffed. Stuff; for wearing, for keeping (just in case); for the memories; for that one-time you just might need such stuff… Each room, garage, loft, basement, shed, house, and breath stuffed with possessions and dispossessions. Stuff you just don’t know what to do with, stuff that someone gave you, left you, lent you, bought you and brought you. Places for stuff, oddments and knick-knacks, odds and sods, this and that, the messy drawer or drawers.

Buy one get one free, buy two for three, discounted and SALE, last chance offer, never to be repeated, must be worth buying, hunter and gatherer stockpiling for difficult times. Recycling, reuse, repair, re-posses, retain remnants, bits and bats, good tat and not so good tat feeding a swollen store to replenish and restock the burgeoning fortress. Build an extension, outgrow and upsize, pounds worth of stuff in the garage, and thousands sat out on the drive.

Buy now pay later, buy now pay nothing until the next generation are hooked, buy, buy, buy. Need more cash to buy more stuff. We need more space for stuff.

Stuff tidy and ordered, stuff ready for sorting, stuff to be actioned, stuff to be auctioned. Stuff stuffed into corners, under-stairs and upstairs, hard pressed to remember where it is, what it is or when it was. Stuff made of memories, stuff recalled, stuff remembered, stuffed filed in the dusty out tray, getting higher and higher.

Buy on plastic, sign today for 10% discount and 33% APR… Stuff on direct debit, stuff bought by loans, sign the agreement, and sign for more stuff. Stuff papers in envelopes, in files and plastic pockets, boxes of papers, pamphlets, directories, free papers, instruction booklets, guarantees and insurance. Kept letters and postcards, greetings cards, notelets and lists, lists of stuff to buy. Pens, pencils, markers, rulers and rubbers, rubber bands, paper clips, staples, stapler, copier, printer, scanner, stuff in files and folders, stuff in piles.

Laptop and desktop, memory stick and external hard drives, MP3 and MP4, i Pad and i pod, i phone and leads, plugs, power cords and cables. Technology stuffed into every conceivable bandwidth. DVD, CD, BBC, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven… Blue Ray, i Player, online and on TIVA, re modelling and reminding us of stuff we aspire to as well as stuff we might…will need along the way. Stuff is successful. You tube, flikr, facebook, meebo, tweeting and twittering, SMS and Tuente, online, offline stuff. Streaming stuff.

Stuff to wear, stuff for summer stuff for winter, and stuff just in case you lose a few pounds. Best, second best and everyday stuff competes for space with stuff never worn, bought by mistake, bought as a present, bought for that one special occasion. Stuff to accessorize, decorate, adorn, garnish and embellish. Stuff in two colours, stuff combined with other stuff, stuff on hangers, rails, boxed, bagged, vacuumed and squashed. Create more space for more stuff.

Stuff to get for presents, presents become stuff, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries and events, more paraphernalia…. happy stuff, sad stuff, joyful stuff, new home and moving stuff, new addition, RIP, pictures and postcards, letters and long forgotten stuff. Gathering generations of stuff, old stuff, newer stuff, inheritance and interesting keepsakes kind of stuff. Stuff secreted from times gone by, stuff for the future, stuff for tomorrow, timeless stuff and ageless stuff. Stuff never talked about or mentioned.

Think about stuff, worry about stuff, forget certain stuff, lose stuff, find stuff, stuff about stuff, stuff generating stuff. Stuff causing trauma, stuff causing arguments, fights, disinheritance and despair, Stuff owned outright, stuff in joint names, stuff owned by the bank, stuff we never own and stuff we think we own. Reproducing stuff, interdependent stuff, stuff entwined into the fortress, stuffed and at bursting point. Security stuff, insecurity stuff, protected stuff, exposed stuff, show off with stuff, give stuff, take stuff, skip stuff and skip raiding stuff, sell stuff to buy stuff. Film and record stuff, photograph stuff, replay stuff, back-up stuff, and keeping stuff safe.

Brighter, bigger, better, breakthrough technology stuff, the stuff bargains are made of, buy buy buy. Stuff is exhausting.

Time for little stuff, no time for big stuff, find time for stuff, stuff becomes life. We could do with less. Living a life with less is the new stuff…do we really need all this stuff?

One response to “Stuff

  1. Problem is how to get rid of unwanted, unneeded and unloved stuff!

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