There’s a really creepy feeling

Full moon

There’s a really creeping feeling in our house on a night, the sort that makes you shudder as you’re turning off the light .There are creaks and groans, and noises, sending tingles through your hair and it always makes you wonder what’ll get you on the stairs.

And have you ever had that feeling as you are getting into bed that a hairy arm might grab you around your ankle or your leg? So you dive into bed like lightning as your bedroom is icy cold and you never leave your foot out, in case anything grabs hold.

You lie there rigid and silent analysing every sound and you misinterpret shadows as you take a look around but after a while you relax and smile and you think “you big soft chuff, you’re fifty odd not twelve and a half you shouldn’t be scared of all such stuff”.

Now don’t tell me you’ve never felt this way cause you’re sensible and strong because being scared is only natural and there’s nothing really wrong. So to those who believe there is only dust and fluff lurking beneath their bed, go on, tonight I dare you…

dangle out your leg.

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